Sarah's Silks Enchanted Playsilks (Assorted Colours)

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Beautifully blended colors on 35" x 35" silk squares. These Playsilks will be used for anything you can imagine.

They will be so well-loved that you'll want to have a basket full of them!

Children use them as water for a sailboat, fire on the floor to cook, as a cape for dress-up play, placed above a scene to be the night sky and much more.

Playsilks are a natural prop for anything you can imagine:

  • genie pants
  • grass to feed your horse
  • a doll carrier
  • soup to stir in a pot
  • a scarf to dance with
  • tie on a stick to make a flag

The possibilities are as unlimited as your child's imagination.

The silks are dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and have been safety tested for children 3+.

How to Care For The Playsilks:

Hand wash with mild dish soap or shampoo, hang dry.

Medium iron if you want to restore the shine.