KinderHands Monster Theme Book Box

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Is your child afraid of monsters? Or something else? This would be the perfect box to help him/her quell those fears. Even if your child is the complete opposite - a monster-lover, this fun-filled box is sure to keep him/her entertained and learning at the same time.

This book box comes with the recommended book Go Away Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley


Theme: Monsters!

  • Project 1: Create Your Own Monster Face Puppet And Story Tell
  • Project 2: Monster Bells Sing-along
  • Project 3: Monster Munchies

*Kindly note that KinderHands reserves the right to replace the brand of materials pictured so long as it fulfills the same purpose (e.g. a different brand of color pencils from that pictured).

Each KinderHands box comes with materials and full instructions for 2-3 curated projects with a recommended book title to inspire creativity and learning and promote parent-child bonding!

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