KinderHands Owl Theme Book Box

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Does your child get nervous when you drop him/her off at school or leave him/her for a while? Let this beautifully illustrated story give you an opportunity to reassure your child you will always return to his/her side.

This box is also packed with information about Owls for you and your child to learn about these magnificent birds of prey.

This book box comes with the recommended book Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.


Theme: Owls

  • Project 1: Owl Babies Finger Puppet Tree
  • Project 2: Flying Owl
  • Project 3: B-Owl-ing Game

*Kindly note that KinderHands reserves the right to replace the brand of materials pictured so long as it fulfills the same purpose (e.g. a different brand of color pencils from that pictured).

Each KinderHands box comes with materials and full instructions for 2-3 curated projects with a recommended book title to inspire creativity and learning and promote parent-child bonding!

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