Yochi Yochi 5-in-1 Child Safety Harness [Designed In Japan]

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Yochi Yochi is an award-winning revolutionary 5-in-1 safety harness for young families on-the-go. It functions as a portable high chair, walking harness (leash) and shopping trolley safety strap. It is also lightweight and compact enough to fit into a small handbag to bring everywhere for daily use and long distance travelling.

Key Features:

  • Multi-functional harness to ensure your child's safety
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Breathable material keeps your child comfortable
  • Easy to clean - wipe for light spills, machine wash for tough stains
  • Grows with your child - recommended for children who can sit up unsupported (approx. 6 mos.) to 5 yrs. (max. chest/tummy size 25.5")
  • Fits on most chairs (except backless chairs)


Yochi Yochi is produced by Lucky Industry Co Ltd., a company founded in the year 1934 and the oldest & most trusted baby carrier manufacturer in Japan.

Yochi Yochi Baby Toddler Safety Harness is the proud winner of 3 U.S. awards, Mom's Choice, Preferred Choice and Family Choice!



Read More About Yochi Yochi's Functions:

Heading to Grandma's or a friend's house, to a restaurant, or travelling overseas? Bring Yochi Yochi with you so you don't have to worry about not having a highchair that fits your toddler at mealtime! You can even use it at home with your regular chair to save space and do away with a bulky highchair!

Use the Yochi Yochi as a lap restraint when you and your child need to share a seat together. Just wear the Yochi Yochi on your child and strap it around yourself. It frees your arm from having to hold your child the entire time. 

As a walking harness, Yochi Yochi provides walking support for toddlers who are still learning to walk. You will not have to constantly bend down to support them by their arms.

If you are travelling to crowded or unfamiliar places (especially overseas) then you can also use the Yochi Yochi as a leash to keep your child close to you at all times. 

Yochi Yochi is also great for keeping your child secure on the shopping trolley for when the trolley chain is broken, or insufficient to secure your child who likes to wriggle.

*Note: Never leave your child unattended at all times even when they are wearing the Yochi Yochi.